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About our Software:

Hub4DPO, as a compliance tool, was developed to simplify and assist in compliance with the GDPR. Organizations should not only comply.
They must be able to demonstrate their conformity.
The Software is built to meet the requirements of the regulation 365 days a year, and in multiple regions and companies if needed.
The ideal GDPR platform for companies regardless of their size
Made for DPO’s

Save time and money

Our workflows and templates make your work more efficient.
You can assign tasks to colleagues and see their comments on the item.
You can generate customized management and operational reports in one click.

Demonstrate compliance

We auto generate your technical and security measures, customer and privacy notices and your records of processing details.
Hence whether it’s a customer, a client, an employee or your supervisory authority you can show them the appropriate information to demonstrate your compliance

Easy to get started

The GDPR is complex.
Our software and workflows are so intuitive that you can focus on what you need to do, not how to do it.
We can implement your existing documentation into the service to save you extra hassle, and we also provide training

Managing your GDPR compliance

Managing Data Subjects Rights

Data Subjects requests can be managed
with the DSAR solutions, allowing
an overview on the existing requests
and its status.

Cooperate, assign tasks and report

Storing your GDPR compliance audit trail
securely in the cloud means you can easily
update it and know that it’s always available.
You can also respond to authorities and audits
in one click with our auto generated

A customized plan

No two organizations are the same.
Tell us your organization's size and
processing practices and we’ll give
you the step by step workflows and
customized tools you’ll need for

GDPR compliance automated

We guide you through what you need
to do and generate a gap analysis, as
well as the notices, agreements and
records you’ll need. We remind you of
your outstanding and upcoming data
protection tasks, so you know what
you need to do now and in the future.

Built for the GDPR

We don’t offer features based on plans
– we give each business the features it
needs for complete compliance, regardless
of its size. The tool also makes available
other privacy laws from UK / Turkey / South Africa
/ Nigeria / Brazil / Thailand / California*
*in development

Main Features

App features

The HUB4DPO tool is based on the following principles:



Understand the GDPR and compliance check
lists in order to be able to understand the
existing compliance status before starting
the GDPR compliance process.



Define the policies and practices to be
implemented in order to comply with the regulation and move towards its implementation on the ground.



In the post-implementation process, ensure that changes remain and comply with GDPR compliance.
A change support tool.


Managing your GDPR compliance

These are our Subscription license packages for companies, group of companies or data privacy professionals that provide a DPO externalized service for multiple companies

Subscription license packages for companies or group of companies

Additional questions

Yes! We offer live or remote demos and a 14-day trial to try the solution.
The subscription has a minimum duration of one year, with a payment plan ranging from monthly to anually.
Yes! You can simply select the package update or contact your account manager or our customer support team.
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